US Army & KMOD Contracting

KGC providing comprehensive support in Supply, Logistics and Contracting requirements of the United States Government, DOD, Contractors & Prime Contractors in the Centcom Region. We are well experienced in constructing living facilities, barracks, temporary and permanent camp construction, Helicopter hangers, washing stations, Facility managements, Power & Utility construction Industrial Equipment Procurement & Installation KGC delivers fully integrated solutions for the installation and procurement of industrial equipment. We have extensive experience and expertise in hook-up and commissioning, transportation and installation of major process systems in oil and gas production facilities. KGC's procurement strategies substantially reduce supply chain costs and deliver quality materials that meet each client’s specific requirements on schedule. We have a long-standing global alliance of authorized distributors of oilfield equipment, global buying houses, reputable third-party quality inspectors and our trusted network of global freight forwarders. Our experienced team has a thorough understanding of local and international sourcing markets and supply chain management. for base camps. Warehouse house construction for tactical and non-tactical storages. Medical facilities, dining and recreational facility construction etc. with limited turn around. KGC team is highly experienced in base camp regulation including access badge regulations in executing projects inside all the base camps of Kuwait and Middle East theater of operations by the US & Its Allies.

Our specialty fields include:
Oil & Gas Field Construction
  • Civil & Infrastructure Construction.
  • Substations, Control Buildings, Pump House.
  • Plant, above ground and underground, Utility Construction.
  • Pipeline, metering stations, booster stations etc.
US Army & KMOD Contracting
  • Base Camp Construction.
  • Living Quarters & Barracks Construction.
  • Helicopter Hangers & Warehouse Structures.
  • Substations & Power Grid etc.
MEP Contracting
  • HVAC.
  • Electrical.
  • Plumbing.
  • Firefighting.

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